Onion Day 2021

Conducting research is not a goal in itself for the UIKC, but it is an important precondition. UIKC mainly wants to improve the efficiency of the sector, of the entire chain. It is not appropriate to do research on what is left in the cupboard. That is why communication is of great importance to the UIKC. We communicate in various ways, such as indirect communication through the links in the chain, through intermediaries, but also through field excursions with various onion study groups and lectures in the winter.

In addition, we organize the international onion day every year. We try to present our experiences with our stakeholders as clearly as possible. The main guest is the ONION himself,, but sometimes there is a need from practice for other current matters so that trips have been made to other crops such as potatoes, celeriac, carrots and green raw materials.

Below you will find a description of the guided tours that will be organized during Onion Day 2021:

Tour 1:

ICL / Fertilization
This trial examines the added value of fertilizers Agrocote and Agrobase. Agrobase is applied in the row at sowing. Agrocote is applied before emergence and where the nitrogen is released in a controlled/slow manner during the season.


Stoller / Fertilizer
In this trial, an impregnated NP 18+46 fertilizer is given for sowing compared to a conventional NP 18+46 fertilizer. Vigorseed is also used in this trial. A product that promotes the germination of seeds and stimulates the growth and development of the root. In addition, the product Stimulant Plus is used. This product ensures a good hormone balance in the plant.


Van Iperen / Fertigation
In this test, water WITH fertilization is applied via drip hoses. Fertigation is compared in four different strategies with traditional fertilization and irrigation with a tree. In addition, 2 hoses with four rows on a bed of 1.50 m are also being looked at instead of 2 hoses with five rows on a bed of 1.50 m.


G&S / Varieties
The trial field of De Groot and Slot consists of 9 varieties, 2 varieties of which were sown with primed seed (Hyroad and Hysinger). Hysinger is one of the new varieties. Most varieties can be found on the variety list that is available on this onion day.


Seminis/Bayer has 6 varieties on this trial field. A very early variety is present here: Barito. There are also mid-early and mid-late varieties. Most varieties can be found on the variety list that is available on this onion day.


FMC / Trips
There are 8 different objects in this thrips test. Here the product Benevia from FMC is compared with other insecticides and additives. Benevia is a broad spectrum insecticide with systemic and translaminar action and is safe for many natural enemies.


Bayer/Corteva / Fungicides
Various companies are represented in this trial, including Bayer and Corteva. This trial contains the new fungicide Zorvec Endavia from Corteva. This has an authorization in onions against downy mildew and has a preventive effect. Bayer's Fandango and Luna Experience resources are also in the equation. Fandango has a broad effect on many fungi in onions, including Stemphilium, downy mildew and leaf spots. Mancozeb will no longer be allowed in 2022, so a good schedule without the risk of drug resistance is a challenge.

www.corteva.nl / www.agro.bayer.nl


Tour 2:

UIKC/Steketee / Mech weed
Because the herbicide 'toolbox' is getting emptier, a trial has been set up this year with mechanical weed control. Here, a camera-controlled hoe beam was used in combination with a torsion weeder. The correct deployment and adjustment is discussed here.


CZAV / Fertilization
In this trial, 11 objects were constructed, including a low-chlorine potassium fertilizer, a slow-release fertilizer and a sulfur fertilizer. The value of the Quickstart is also tested in addition to plant enhancers and foliar fertilizers.


Delta Seeds Holland / Varieties
The well-known variety Delta Gigant is located in this trial field. While most seed companies offer hybrid varieties, this is a seed-fast variety. It is a variety that can grow for a long time. The characteristics can be found on the variety list that is available on this onion day.


Hazera / Varieties
This trial field contains four well-known varieties. They are hybrid varieties, from mid-early to mid-late. These varieties for long storage can be found on the variety list that is available on this onion day.


Belchim / Fungicides
In this trial, the new drug Winby is tested. This is an excellent leaf remover that is allowed in onions this year. It has the active ingredient fluazinam, formerly known as Shirlan.


Koppert / fertilization
In this trial, there are 3 different nitrogen stages in combination with Vidi Parva, which stimulates the formation of hair roots that secrete exudates, forming and maintaining the microbiological environment of the Rhizosphere. There is also Vidi Terrem in the trial, which is applied from the spherical formation. Vidi Terrem is used to increase the immune system and stress resistance based on amino acids.


In this trial, various thrips agents are compared, such as Tracer from Corteva and Batavia from Bayer. In addition to the life cycle of thrips, the correct time of deployment and the intervals are discussed here.

www.corteva.nl / www.agro.bayer.nl

Tour 3:

Timac Agro / Fertilization

In this trial, the bio stimulant Irys, based on Humus and Fulvus acids, seaweed extracts and amino acids is evaluated. Irys contributes to a better availability of nutrients in the soil. 


Syngenta / Fung. + insect
The thrips agent Minecto One is explained by Syngenta. What are the properties of this drug. The new drug Orondis Plus in combination with Amistar is also explained. Orondis Plus is new and a valuable addition, especially with the disappearance of mancozeb.


Anglo American / Kali fertilizer
In this extensive trial, the fertilizer Poly4 is discussed, a low-chlorine potassium species. This trial was also held at the UIKC in 2020. In the trial, a comparison is made with, among others, Patentkali, K-60 and Polysulphate. The N-fertilization is with Urea-46 and there is also an object with sulfur.


UIREKA / drip irrigation
Commissioned by UIREKA, UIKC has built a trial field with drip irrigation for the second year. Variation in the number of hoses on a bed of 1.50 m, drip distance on the hose and the amount of water. Water with a higher salt concentration EC-4 was also used to test the effect on the growth of the onion. The trial field had a lot of precipitation during the growing season. Will we get a higher yield again this year to compensate for the costs?


Syngenta Seeds/ Varieties
Syngenta has 6 varieties in this demo. They are all hybrid varieties. The newest variety Nation can also be viewed. Most varieties can be found on the variety list that is available on this onion day.


Takii / Varieties
Takii is of Japanese origin. Takii has 4 varieties in this demo, including 1 red variety: Ruby Star. Some varieties can be found on the variety list that is available on this onion day.


UIKC/Treffler / Mech Weed
Since the herbicide toolbox is getting emptier, a trial has been set up this year with mechanical weed control. In this, a weed burner and a harrow were used. The correct deployment and adjustment is discussed here.


Tour 4:

Delphy / Neck rot
This year, chances of neck rot seem to be bigger again. Within the UIREKA project, we have been investigating neck rot. What can we learn from the past and what are the new aspects of this trial. What is the best strategy against neck rot? 


PHC / Fertilizer
In this extensive trial there are several objects with Fulvic and OPF. Fulvic 25 has a high pH, a high fulvic content and stimulates soil life. It ensures a better absorption of all the captured minerals in the soil and, among other things, makes phosphates free and absorbable for the plant, which increases root development. OPF has high levels of natural sugars. The high content of trace elements and sugars supports healthy soil life and ensures healthy plant growth. There is also an object in which no MH is used for storage.


Agricult / insects
In this thrips trial, a combination of chemical and biological agents was used in combination with Codacide. The aim is to reduce the use of chemicals on thrips. Due to the positive results in 2020, the trial was continued in 2021. Codacide is a 100% natural excipient. Properties include good adhesion and wetting, drift reducing, improves penetration and absorption and is gentle on crops.


Agrifirm / Chem. Weeds
With the disappearance of the herbicides CIPC and Pyramin and the disappearance of Bromotril and Emblem Flo, weed control in onions is becoming increasingly difficult. In this trial, Agrifirm discusses which points to consider when applying the remaining herbicides. What resources do you deploy, at what stage. How do we tackle this challenge?

www.agrifirm.nl / www.syngenta.nl / www.belchim.com / www.corteva.nl / www.czav.nl

Hoza / Varieties
Hoza has 8 varieties in this demo, 2 of which are red varieties: Rolijn and Romy. Some varieties can be found on the variety list, such as the well-known Hoza variety. The variety list is available on this onion day.


CZAV / Drip Irrigation
In this test, amino acids are used during the drip irrigation. In addition, water with a higher salt content EC4 is used. The aim is to test the effect of a higher salt concentration with and without amino acids on the growth of the onion. The trial field had a lot of precipitation during the growing season. Do we get o ok this year again a higher yield to compensate for the costs?


UIREKA / Resilience /Zero tillage
Resilience is a broad concept. How do you ensure that an onion can grow healthier and has less influence from diseases and is less affected by weather extremes. Commissioned by UIREKA, UIKC has made a comparison between growing onions on flat fields and onions on beds 12 cm higher, both with a width of 1.50 m. Onions were also sown on chicory ridges. A comparison has also been made with traditional coated seed and primed seed. At the initiative of UIKC participants, 3 comparisons have been made in the NKG demo. Eco-ploughing is compared with processing with the Alpego bio-milling machine from Farmstore and the Geohobel from WN Kramer bv.

www.UIREKA.nl / www.Farmstore.nl / www.wnkramer.nl / www.koeckhoven.net