Belangrijk bericht m.b.t. datum Uiendag 2020 ! Important message about the Onion day 2020 !

Beste mensen,
Hierbij een bericht over de Uiendag 2020.
Succes met uw bedrijf en veel gezondheid toegewenst.
Met vriendelijke groet namens de organisatie UIKC


For English see below:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Hereby a message about the Onion day 2020.

Traditionally the Onion day always is planned on the last Thursday of August. This year on the 27th of August.

Last week, the government announced that no events should be held before September 1. We respect this decision, of course, and so we have decided not to continue the Onion day on August 27, unless the government will change this date to an earlier time.

At this moment we would like to move the Onion day to Thursday September 3.
Would you put this date in your agenda?
Without a doubt our health is the most important to take care of. The RIVM/Government guidelines are leading in this and if needed the necessary measures will be taken.

We will keep you informed and we wish you good luck with your company and a good health.

Kind regards, on behalf of the organisation